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The GLA:D Program For Hip & Knee Osteoarthritis

GLA:D Program participant

The GLA:D Program can help reduce osteoarthritic pain in the knees and hips and also improve range of movement in the joints involved.

Unlike medication or surgery which seek to treat the condition only, the GLA:D program employs education and specific exercises to help reduce pain and increase function, while also taking steps to prevent further degeneration of the joint.

How can the GLA:D Program and Physiotherapy help me achieve great results with hip
& knee OA?

According to the official guidelines, the best management for hip and knee OA that you can receive is in accordance with the GLA:D program. GLA:D stands for Good Life with Arthritis in Denmark (that is currently being rolled out in Australia) and represents a nationwide evidence-based initiative that follows the best and most current recommendations for the treatment of hip and knee osteoarthritis.

This program helps with reducing pain and improving your quality of life through a tailored exercise program appropriate for YOUR joints and the severity of the symptoms you have.

What results can you expect from the GLA:D Program?

Participants of the GLA:D Program report:

  • On average 36% pain reduction
  • Reduced consumption of pain relief medication
  • Improved joint confidence
  • Improve quality of life
  • Less likely to feel the ned for surgery

What does it entail?

It’s a 6-12 week education and exercise program which includes:

  • 2 x 1 hour education sessions.
  • 6-12 weeks of 2 x 1 hour supervised exercise sessions at a minimum
  • Outcome measures and testing to track the progress of your condition

This is all made easy to digest and to get started with the support of your physiotherapist.

It’s demonstrated fantastic results and had over 30,000 enrolled participants in Denmark. Due to its amazing success and great results, it’s now gone worldwide.

At this stage, you might be thinking…”But I can’t exercise, I can barely move!”  We hear this a lot. No matter how sore, weak or poor your current function is, exercise is suitable for you.

In fact, the research shows that rest and avoidance of activity and exercise for those with osteoarthritis will make your pain worse!  We’re experts at utilising personalised exercises to help you feel and move better. Even for those with severe pain, there’s somewhere we can start and help you!

Whats involved in the ‘Exploration Session’?

An Exploration Session is a no-obligation 1-hour comprehensive assessment with one of our highly-skilled, GLA:D accredited Physiotherapists and includes:

  • Assessment your suitability for the GLA:D Program.
  • Movement screening (with potential areas to improve and help reduce your pain).
  • Personalised advice and education about factors that influence pain and how to achieve fast pain relief.
  • Treatment options available to you that take into account your individual circumstances.
  • A personalised plan to take home on the day.

This session is Gap Free, which means you pay nothing out of pocket if you have private health cover with physio extras. If you don’t have extras, a $50 fee will apply.

NB. Write ‘Facebook Gap Free’ in the booking notes, or mention that you found us on Facebook if you call the clinic (8490 0777), so that we know not to charge a gap.

Here are some things you MUST know:

  • The research shows exercise is safe and helps. Exercises has even been shown to thicken joint cartilage!
  • Findings on your scans are poorly correlated to pain and disability. We’ve seen marathon runners with severe hip or knee osteoarthritis, who run long distances without any trouble! Just cause your scan says your knee is ‘buggered’, doesn’t mean it is.
  • Your degree of arthritis on imaging DOES NOT predict your pain and disability levels.

Lastly, the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners clinical practice guidelines states:

“We strongly recommend offering land based exercises for all people with hip and knee OA to improve function and pain regardless of their age, structural disease severity, functional status or pain levels” 

Hip and knee osteoarthritis exercises

But I’ve been told I need an arthroscopy or joint replacement?

That’s ok, you may well need one of these down the track. Although many people delay and even avoid a joint replacement, we know some with moderate to serve osteoarthritis will need replacement at some point. We’re really passionate about ensuring you’ve exhausted your options and get the best result from your treatment no matter which option you choose.

It’s important to note that when considering more invasive, arthroscopy of the knee is no better than ‘sham’ surgery. Both feel 30% better! That means people who simply had only an incision but were told they had an arthroscope got exactly the same outcome as those who actually had the proper arthroscopy. In fact, Medicare is no longer funding arthroscopes because of this.

With joint replacement surgery, although 80% get a good outcome, 20% of people do not get any pain relief.

Lastly, if you do go ahead with a joint replacement after completing a 6-12 week Physiotherapy block, the research shows you’ll get a better outcome post-operatively than those who didn’t complete physiotherapy management. That means a quicker recovery and less pain after your replacement or arthroscopy!

To read more about the GLA:D program, the research behind it and any other information you might be seeking, hit the following link here.

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