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Sports Physio

Sporting superstar or weekend warrior – it’s all the same to us! Join the hundreds of sports people we’ve helped to train harder, play longer, recover faster and perform better.
The Thrive Physio Plus sports physio team has extensive experience working with athletes of all sports and can diagnose, rehabilitate, and empower you to get back into action in the shortest time frame possible.

Importantly, we recognise it’s not just good enough getting you back to sport, you need to stay healthy! We have the knowledge and experience to minimise the risk of re-injury through evidence based rehabilitation strategies.

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➕Meet Jacob – putting in the work on his college break 🏀➕⠀ ⠀ 🙌🏻 Meet Jacob, who's back in Adelaide from Quinnipiac University in America whilst on college break. Jacob's been putting in the work the last couple of weeks with us to ensure he returns to the court later this year as the best version of himself. ✅⠀ ⠀ 🤨We know strength can decline in as little as 2 weeks. As such, athletes such as Jacob can't afford to have too much down time. ⠀ ⠀ 😍Check out some of the exercises Jacob completed this morning. His focus? Sport-specific strength, power and agility. ⠀ ⠀ ☺️We're pumped to help @jacobrigoni better himself physically over the next month or two, and to see him take to the court on the other side of his break home in Aus. ⠀ ⠀ 💯Want to make sure you're ticking every box to be the best physical version of yourself? Don't hesitate to reach out.

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US College basketball athlete Jacob being put through his paces in our in-house rehab facility


How will sports physio help me?

  1. Accurate diagnosis to ensure you start down the BEST rehabilitation path to ensure your return to sport is as speedy as possible
  2. Pain relief and protection of the injured area as required in the early stages. Techniques including joint mobilisation, taping, soft tissue release and dry needling may also be utilised where appropriate.
  3. Liaising with coaches and team management people as appropriate to ensure appropriate advice is given at just the right time, and that a consistent approach to your management is given across all stakeholders (only if you’d like us to do this of course – we find it helps and coaches appreciate it!)
  4. Commencement of a rehabilitation program to ensure you return to 100% and minimise the risk of re-injury. This includes progression to sports specific rehab drills to make sure you’re ready to return at the intensity to you need to. The research shows now that starting rehabilitation early results in a quicker return to activity. 
  5. Ongoing advice and education from your sports physio to ensure you keep on top of niggles so you spend less time on the sidelines and more time in the action. Our Physio’s are acutely aware of the signs that an athlete may be at risk of re-injury including fatigue, reduced muscle flexibility and strength. We will work closely with coaches and trainers to ensure that the appropriate program and advice is given at just the right time.

Our Sports Physio Stef working with the state touch football team

With the guidance of the experienced Thrive Physio Plus team, we will make sure you can run, cut, hop, jump, kick, throw, lift and do everything you require to get back to the sport or exercise you love.

Book online here to take your game to the next level or call our friendly staff at the clinic on 8490 0777.

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