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Sports Physio Adelaide

Sporting superstar or weekend warrior – it’s all the same to us! Join the hundreds of sportspeople we’ve helped to train harder, play longer, recover faster and perform better.

Thrive Physio provides sports physiotherapy, injury prevention, and rehabilitation services in the Adelaide area. Our physiotherapists are experts in diagnosing your injury or pain and getting you back in action in the shortest possible time frame.

We will do everything we can to reduce your risk of re-injury and further damage through a combination of sports massage therapy, rehabilitation, strength training and conditioning. The Thrive Physio team is comprised of sports physiotherapists and other health professionals who have extensive experience in working with the specific needs and physical demands of athletes.

Our professional sports physiotherapy team works with athletes of all sports and can diagnose, rehabilitate, and empower you to get back in action as quickly as possible.

Importantly, we understand that getting you back to participating in sports is not enough. You must also remain healthy! We use evidence-based rehabilitation strategies to minimize the risks of further injury.

Sports physio involves these key components:

Sports Injuries evaluation and sports specific rehabilitation

The first step is having a thorough assessment of the affected area to determine an accurate diagnosis. We’ll have a detailed look at how you move, your muscle strength, endurance, joint mobility, balance and sports-specific movements to ensure we understand what the issue is.

Our sports physio team will work with you to develop a rehabilitation program tailored to your needs to ensure that you return to 100% as soon as possible. Sports rehab drills are part of this progression so you can return to your regular intensity level with ease. Now, research shows that early rehabilitation results in a quicker return to activity. 

A comprehensive Plan for a return to sport

Our goal is to get you back on the field as soon as possible while keeping your sports injuries risk low. By working through sports-specific drills and movements in our fully equipped gym, we’ll help you regain confidence in your whole body so that you can return to the field.

We will liaise with coaches and team management people as appropriate to ensure appropriate advice is given at just the right time, and that a consistent approach to your pain management is given across all stakeholders (only if you’d like us to do this of course – we find it helps and coaches appreciate it!)

Sports injury prevention

The biggest risk factor for common sports injuries is previous trauma. In order to minimise the risk of injuries recurring throughout life, we put you through your paces to identify any weak points, stiffness, or lack of endurance or power, and tailor a program to specifically address those deficits.

With the latest equipment in our facility, you can be confident that you are doing everything you can to train without pain or stress.

Performance enhancement

Want to be stronger, more agile, more powerful or run longer? We’ve got you covered. We understand what is needed to improve your physical ability and have all the necessary equipment to do so effectively. Our small group exercise sessions are a great way to give you the support and direction you need to start your athletic journey towards improving sporting performance.

What to expect in your sports physiotherapy consult

Our initial consultations last 60 minutes, allowing us to provide a detailed assessment, rehab plan, and answers to any questions our patients may have, such as:

  • What is wrong?
  • What’s the timeframe for recovery and return to activity?
  • How can you help your progress at home yourself?
  • How to modify the activity to keep moving?
  • How long will it take to get better?
  • What you can do to prevent it from happening again?
  • How you can reduce your injury risk moving forward?
  • Detailed assessment – We’ll look closely at how you move in our fully equipped gym and ensure we go deep to give you the confidence that nothing has been missed. This involves a combination of functional movements like squatting, lunging,` and hopping; joint mobility and muscle strength testing using the latest equipment and a sports-specific movement screening.
  • Pain relief and protection of the injured area as required in the early stages. Treatment techniques including joint mobilisation, taping, soft tissue release, and dry needling may also be utilized where appropriate.
  • A personalised plan for you to take home which outlines a diagnosis, main findings from the assessment, things you should avoid or alter, things that will help you, short and long-term goals and the recommended treatment plan for getting back to 100% in the shortest time frame possible.
  • Commencement of a rehabilitation program to ensure you return to 100% and minimise the risk of recurring common sports injuries. This includes targeted muscle strengthening, power and agility exercises, and progression to sports-specific rehab drills to make sure you’re ready to return at the intensity you need. The research shows now that starting rehabilitation early results in a quicker return to activity and an active lifestyle.
  • Ongoing advice and education from your sports physiotherapist to ensure you keep on top of niggles so you spend less time on the sidelines and more time in the action. Our physiotherapists are aware of signs that an athlete is at risk of injuries such as fatigue, reduced muscle flexibility, and strength. We work closely with trainers and coaches to ensure the right programme and advice are given at just the right time.
  • Genuine care and interest in your issue or goal, with an outcome-based approach to get you there. We love to help and provide the highest level pain management services, it’s as simple as that.

Common sporting disciplines we treat

  • Aussie Rules Football (AFL)
  • Netball
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Cricket
  • Golf
  • Swimming
  • Weightlifting/Gym activities
  • Calisthenics
  • Jogging/Running/ Athletics
  • Hockey
  • Surfing
  • Gymnastics
  • Basketball

With the guidance of our Adelaide-based team of sports physiotherapists, we will make sure you can run, cut, hop, jump, kick, throw, lift and do everything you require to get back to the sport or exercise you love.

Book online here to take your game to the next level or call our friendly staff at the sports injury management clinic on 8490 0777.

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