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Pre and Postoperative Rehabilitation

Surgery Prehabilitation & Rehabilitation

Want to make sure you get the best outcome possible from your upcoming surgery? We can help!

 Injured yourself and want another opinion on whether non-surgical management is an option? We have therapists who specialise in orthopaedic rehab and prehab and have experience in non-operative ACL management.


Physiotherapy is a vital component of post-surgical recovery. Often, surgery without an appropriate rehabilitation period leads to less than ideal results.

The Thrive Physio Plus team has extensive experience in rehabilitating after a vast number of procedures including orthopaedic and neurosurgery, having worked with surgeons in Adelaide and interstate.

In the early stages following surgery, there’s often swelling present, joints become stiff, and muscles become inactive and atrophy due to pain. Physiotherapy helps to minimise these complications and the effect they can have on your recovery. We will collaborate with your surgeon and implement the appropriate rehabilitation protocol to ensure you regain your movement, strength and joint awareness in the safest way possible. We know how and when certain milestones should be reached to ensure you are on track!

Our team knows successful rehabilitation involves getting you back performing at the same, if not better level than prior to your operation. We’ll make sure you tick all the movement, strength, impact, running and sport specific goals you need to ensure you perform great and minimise re- injury in the best time frame possible.

We provide Rehabilitation & Prehabilitation services for the following:

  • Spinal surgery including cervical, thoracic and lumbar.
  • Shoulder surgery
  • Elbow and wrist surgery including carpal tunnel release.
  • Hip surgery including hip arthroscopies and hip replacements.
  • Knee surgery including knee arthroscopies & knee replacements.
  • Ankle and foot surgery.
  • Tendon repair surgery.


Recent research evidence indicates that Physiotherapy prior to joint replacement surgery may improve early postoperative pain and function.

This process, referred to as prehabilitation, serves to reduce pain and swelling, restore range of movement, improve muscular control of your injured area and facilitate proprioceptive awareness and normal movement patterns. This enables you to ‘hit the ground running after your procedure. It’s also a great opportunity to understand the process of what needs to happen immediately after your operation.

In ACL reconstruction alone:

“Pre-surgery physio for ACL reconstruction patients for 3-14 weeks is superior to no physio at improving strength for patients post-surgery.” (Alshewaier et al., 2016)

In our experience, the clients who we assist in regaining full range of motion and close to pre-injury strength prior to their operation achieve better outcomes including reduced pain and improved function.

The highly experienced Thrive Physio Plus team can help provide clear goals, immediate home management strategies, and make you feel more at ease about what needs to be done to get you back to optimal physical health.

If you or a family member are preparing for surgery and want to ensure a great outcome, get in touch. Otherwise, if you’ve had surgery and are looking to get back to your physical best and doing all that you love, call the clinic on 8490 0777 or book online. Alternatively, fill out the enquiry form below and we’ll get one of our experienced Physiotherapists to give you a call.

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