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Initial Consultation

We understand you seeking help because you’re in pain, lack confidence in your body or have a goal you need guidance or assistance in reaching. 

This is a 60-minute consultation to ensure you feel informed, understood, and confident that you will get the results you want. Your physiotherapist will also discuss how long it is likely to take to achieve these results, how the treatment process works, and what you can expect from treatment within this time frame. Our goal is to make sure that when it comes time for treatment, you know exactly what to expect from us and are comfortable with our approach collaboratively. We want this first meeting to be as informative as possible so that there are no surprises or disappointments later on down the line! 

We also know that as part of helping you with these things, you want to be listened to and there are questions you’d like answered in your first visit;

– What am I hurting and is it serious?
– How long will it last?
– How did it occur?
– How can you help it?
– How can I help it?
– How long will it take to get better?
– What can I do to prevent it happening again? 

These are all things we can help you with and will look to provide you with in your 60-minute initial consultation to ensure you feel informed, understood and confident that you will get the results you seek.



What to expect in your initial consultation at Thrive Physio Plus:

  • We’ll listen: We want to know everything-  how your condition affects your life, what you’ve tried, your concerns or worries, your expectations for the session and anything else you see as relevant. There’s nothing you can raise that we won’t be happy to discuss in an open and transparent fashion.
  • A comprehensive discussion to ensure we get an accurate diagnosis and find the root cause of your problem, whilst identifying what lifestyle modifications need to be made to get the best results.
  • Collaboration on goals and expectations for Physiotherapy: just want to get out of pain? No worries! Want to run that marathon you’ve always thought about? We can help you get there. No matter the goal, we have a therapist and a management plan to get the outcome you crave.
  • Treatment that works: No time wasted with treatment techniques that aren’t helpful in getting a great outcome. Our team keeps up to date with the latest research to ensure you’re receiving the best treatment possible, each and every time. Are you hoping for a treatment in particular? No problem! We can take that into account and incorporate that into the treatment you need for the best outcome possible.
  • A personalised plan for you to take home  which outlines a diagnosis, main findings from the assessment, things you should avoid or alter, things that will help you, short and long term goals and the recommended treatment plan for getting back to 100% in the shortest time frame possible.
  • A genuine care and interest in your issue or goal, with an outcome based approach to get you there. We love to help, it’s as simple as that.
  • Commencement of a home exercise program to ensure your journey to 100% starts today.


If you want to know how we can reduce your pain and reach your physical best, book a time online or call the clinic on 8490 0777 to start your journey today. Alternatively, fill out the enquiry form below and we’ll get one of our experienced Physiotherapists to give you a call.

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