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Running Physio

Treating runners is a passion of ours. Since opening our doors we’ve helped hundreds of Adelaide runners run further, for longer and without injury or pain holding them back.
We’re also highly involved with the running community of Adelaide, and have passionate runners among our team.


How can Physio help me as a runner?
  1. We can help you get strong to run. This helps to prevent injuries by strengthening muscles, bones and tissues.

FUN FACT:  One study completed on this topic put runners on a resistance-training program for 10 weeks three times per week. As we’d expect, results showed that leg strength improved by 30 percent, but more importantly, running time improved by 13 percent!

 2. We can help you run pain free: Through a thorough assessment to gain the information we need around training volume, changes or spikes in speed or incline we’ll be sure to get to the root cause of why you’re injured or running with pain in the first place. This will allow us to ascertain what might need to be modified or altered in the short term, whilst also allowing us to know what we need to get you back to! 

  3. We can help you train through injury if you’re in the midst of event training and can’t modify your schedule. We understand it’s not everyone’s goal to run pain free.Some people simply want to make it to the start line, and then get to the finish line! We’ll make sure you’re listened to in your first visit so we can help you reach your goal.

  4. We can give you the knowledge, insight and education required to become the best runner you can be. Through video analysis, programming and exercise analysis, we’ll help you run better, faster, longer and with reduced injury risk. 

Whether a run around the oval, the City to Bay, a full marathon or an Ultra Event, we are your Adelaide Physiotherapy running team. 

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