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Online Physiotherapy

Online Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy from the comfort of your own home with telehealth technology. Our online physiotherapy, also known as telehealth physiotherapy, is a convenient way to access a physiotherapist via your tablet, smartphone or laptop.

Online physiotherapy allows for patients to be treated for more minor injuries, meaning they can avoid time-consuming trips to the doctor. Schedule an appointment at any time that suits your busy lifestyle. You don’t have to worry about missing work or school because we provide video consultations!

Kickstart your journey to better health without leaving your front door. That’s right…physiotherapy from the comfort of your own home with telehealth technology.

We understand there’s a multitude of reasons that might prevent you from leaving your home and seeking the help of a Physiotherapist face to face. Whether it’s an inability to reach your Physio due to limited access, illness, a pandemic like we’re seeing at the moment or other factors, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be able to seek the help and guidance of a knowledgeable physio to start you on the road to recovery – that’s where telehealth comes in.

Online consultations are an effective way to seek the help of an expert physiotherapist to seek clarity, gain guidance and ask the questions necessary for you to take control of your pain and limitation from the comfort of your own home.

Feeling skeptical? Don’t be! Recent research shows that online Physiotherapy consults are not only a viable alternative to in-person consultations, but are extremely effective for people who have musculoskeletal injuries or pain. This means you can still receive the same long term outcomes for a wide range of conditions compared to people who attend in person.

Education and exercise, the two most research based treatment techniques for the long term improvement of pain, function and quality of life. Both of which can be delivered via telehealth.

Join the people seeking our help from the comfort of their own homes. Let us help you get past pain, move without limitation and be beyond better with a telehealth consult today.

Who should use online physio? People who:

  • Want the convenience of a Physiotherapists knowledge without leaving their front door
  • Are unable to attend an in person consultation due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Have barriers that prevent them from travelling.
  • Have accessibility issues, such as residing overseas or living in rural or remote areas

How to get ready for an online consult:

  • Prior to your online physiotherapy consult, you’ll be required to fill out a health screening form to ensure your specific issue is suitable to be done online and to learn a bit more about your issue.
  • Ensure you have a quiet area with enough room to complete basic movements and exercise, and are wearing clothes that allow freedom of movement.
  • Ensure you have the appropriate system on your device for the telehealth consultation (See ‘what technology do I need?’ below)
  • Think about the angle of your camera during the call. You may be asked to perform exercises so ensure you have space, and that your camera can be angled to focus on the relevant part of your body during the exercise.
Online Physiotherapy
Online consultation in action

How does it work?

Your private and individual sessions can be a few different ways:

  1. Using a link we send you upon booking your appointment, which you can click to join the consult meeting with us (this uses our practice management software called Cliniko). This is our preferred method, and is the easiest for you!
  2.  Using Physitrack/PhysiApp secure technology, which you will need to download and install prior to the session (see ‘What technology do I need?’)

What technology you will need:

Video consultations can be done using a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer with a camera.

If using the second method discussed above, your consultation you will need the latest version of ‘PhysiApp’ installed on your smartphone or tablet. If you’re yet to download this, it can be found via the app store.

For computer or laptop: ensure you’re using Google Chrome or Firefox.

What can I hope to achieve from an online physiotherapy consult? 

Think of everything in a normal physio session, except the hands-on work! Basically, everything you’d find in our initial consultation if you were to attend in person.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding telehealth:

Can I claim my health fund rebate?

Unfortunately, no. There’s talk of medicare rebates being rolled out in the provision of online physiotherapy services, but at this time health funds do not provide rebates for this service.

But how can a physiotherapist treat me online?

Physiotherapy isn’t what it used to be! Gone are the days of laying on a bed session after session getting needles, soft tissue massage and sending you home with an exercise or two.

Although this can be useful in the short term, the research shows that exercise in conjunction with education is the most effective form of management for aches and pains the body experiences. Both of which can be done via guided instructions from your Physiotherapist with the use of online platforms.

How do I pay for my online physiotherapy consultation?

Over the phone prior to your session or via proof of bank transfer.

Can I use NDIS for online physiotherapy consults?

Yes, as long as you are plan managed or self-managed you can use your NDIS funding at Thrive Physio Plus. For more information head on over to our NDIS services page here.

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