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Restoring Confidence In Your Knee – 5 Part Series

This 5 part series is a great starting point if you’ve got a bit of a sore, irritated knee, or just looking for a place to start working on your knee strength.

It demonstrates a gradual progression of exercise starting from simpler exercises (part 1), to more challenging exercises (part 5), that we have used with 100s clients restore confidence in their knee and participate in what they love doing!

Part 1

Sit to stand

Resisted hip abduction

Part 2

Elevated double leg bridge

Calf raises off the floor

Part 3

Low SIDE step up

Low FRONT step up

Crab walk

Part 4

Single leg bridge

Calf raise off step with weight

Part 5

Sit to stand with weight

High SIDE step up with weight

High FRONT step up with weight

We love helping people with maintain their knees well into life and we hope this series has been of value to you!

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