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How to Fix Hip Bursitis For Good

We get it, we understand your frustration of this condition, the good news is you’re in the right place to get a solution!

You may have been putting up with persistent pain for months, if not years.

You may have tried other treatments like a cortisone injection, massage and medications but nothing has really worked for the long term.

You may have wondered if it is even possible to fix, or that it’s something that you just have to learn to live with.

This is when we love to help…

On this page we’ll show you how we’ve helped 100s of people with hip bursitis and hip pain get past their pain, feel confident in their body’s and get back to what they love doing!


We must warn you, if you are looking for a quick fix or a band-aid solution, this is NOT for you.

The approach we are going to share with you is a long term solution, which brings about long lasting results so you STAY out of pain and continue to do things YOU want to do in the coming months and years.

Check out our First video below for the initial tips on fixing your hip bursitis:

Bursitis is a symptom, not the root cause of pain

Consider a skin callus. The hard, rough lumps we develop on areas of our body that are exposed to frequent, repetitive lifting, load and labour. Calluses are basically our body’s way of coping with this repetitive load in an effort to ‘harden up’ and allow us to continue doing what we’re doing- but without pain or further damage. Although not so sexy, they’re also not painful, and they’re there to serve a purpose.

Why are we discussing skin calluses? Because skin calluses are a great analogy for bursa sacs inside joints in the body.

Bursa sacs are fluid-filled sacs that function as a gliding surface, reducing friction between tissues of the body. When bursa sacs become inflamed, it’s referred to as “bursitis”. Bursitis is a diagnosis regularly thrown around by medical professionals, often seen in the conclusion paragraph of ultrasounds or other investigations from radiologists.

Essentially, bursa are just like skin calluses. They become irritated because it’s the body’s natural reaction to ‘harden up’ in response to increased amount of load at the joint, allowing the body to keep doing what we want it to. People often have their bursae injected or even surgically removed in an attempt to reduce their pain and improve function. More often than not, a cortisone injection or other invasive interventions have very little effect. Why?

Bursae are rarely the isolated cause of someone’s discomfort. Bursae become irritated because other structures in close proximity is causing it to become irritated. Often we find by treating other structures around the joint (the muscles and tendons) with progressive strength work, we get significant relief from pain and improved function (including range of motion).

Step 1

The exercise performed by Matt below is a great starting point, it reduces pain initially, starts to toughen up your gluteal tendon and strengthen the muscles around your hip.

Step 2

The exercises below (the step-up and side lying hip abduction)  are a progressions from the bridge exercise above. These exercise are loading up the tendon and your hip more and should feel more challenging.

  • Start with 10 reps and do this 3 times with a minutes rest in between.

  • Start with 4 reps of 30 second holds

It’s at this point where we have seen a lot of people who have fallen short of getting great results. 

The 3 most common mistakes made in rehab plans for hip pain

1) The same exercises are done for 12 weeks 

SOLUTION – In order to keep getting better, exercises MUST be made more challenging as you get stronger.

2) The program isn’t adhered to for long enough. E.g. people do the work for 4 weeks, aren’t completely pain free and so don’t stick at it.

SOLUTION – In order to see long lasting and significant changes with hip bursitis/gluteal tendon problems, you need to trust the process for 8-12 weeks.

3) The WRONG diagnosis is made, so people are being treated for the wrong condition and therefore the treatments aren’t tailored to what they need.

SOLUTION – Ensure you have a thorough assessment of your hip by a trained professional, and if you aren’t sure you’re on the right track, ask plenty of questions or get a second opinion.

Step 3


We’ve helped hundreds of others just like you to fix their hip pain, you just need to trust the process.

We plan to have you walking out of your first, 60 minute, consult feeling amazing with the knowledge that you have a great management plan in place, and you have a realistic way to fix your problem.

Our first consult is longer than most others, 60 minutes, to ensure you are listened to, that we understand your condition and can formulate a step by step process unique to YOU, to get you out of pain and feeling great!

It’s simple, if you put in the work, you’ll get a great reward. With hip issues like yours, relying on someone else to massage out the pain or crack something back into place might give you a short term relief which is good, but not good enough.

You need a long term solution!

Step 4

If you’d like to get started on the journey to a happier and healthier hip. Click the ‘BOOK ONLINE’ button below to see one of our expert hip physiotherapists today and receive $50 off your Initial hip assessment and treatment (That’s $60 for a 60 minute thorough assessment, treatment and plan).

Additional Exercises for ‘Hip Bursitis’

Below are 2 more exercises that are perfect for starting on the road to strengthening your glutes and relieving your hip pain:

These exercises should make your hip feel better over a period of days or weeks, however…

Monitor how you feel after doing these exercises in the 24 hours afterwards – if they make your pain worse, don’t continue.

To continue on the road to resolving your hip pain completely, progressions to these exercises are required to ensure your strength around your hip continues to improve.



You can give the clinic a call on 8490 0777 to have a NO OBLIGATION chat to one of our expert hip physios about how we can help.

We really hope this page has helped and hope to hear from you soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is bursitis of the hip?

It’s inflammation of one of the fluid-filled sacs (bursae) around the hip joint. There are many around the hip, but the most commonly involved one is located on the outer side of your hip.

Why is bursitis so painful?

The bursa is a highly innervated structure and therefore is very sensitive and painful when inflamed.

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