At Thrive Physio Plus, we offer Physio-supervised exercise classes that involve a combination of functional strength training and Pilates exercises. Whilst the class program is tailored to each individual client and constantly altered to fit their needs, the session almost always includes some form of Pilates.

But why Pilates?

Pilates often involves a combination of simple, repetitive exercises that can be adapted for gentle rehabilitation of injuries or for a vigorous workout. Pilates isn’t solely focused on improving muscular strength, but also balance, posture and flexibility.

While Pilates has only recently gained popularity in the health industry, it is far more than a fitness fad. The Pilates method has been around for years, it was started by Joseph Pilates as early as the 1920s with the original focus being its application in the rehabilitation process. Since then, Pilates has grown extensively and is now an established practice in most Physiotherapy practices, well known as a beneficial addition to any exercise program.

What does it involve?

As it’s done here at Thrive Physio Plus, Pilates exercises are a mixture of exercises utilising equipment including reformer, split-pedal chair and trapeze table, whilst also incorporating more traditional mat work. The exercises involve gentle movements performed repetitively, with spring-loaded resistance or body weight used as the main resistance force. Pilates moves involve the activation of abdominal muscles for trunk stabilisation, but are performed in a way that puts minimal pressure on the lower spine. Both of these factors contribute to the establishment of Pilates as a primary exercise technique for individuals suffering lower back pain (Wells et al. 2014).

But I haven’t got a lot of experience, can I still do Pilates?

The good news is that Pilates can be adapted for beginners to pick up quickly. The even better news is at Thrive Physio Plus, we are take you through fully-guided hour long classes. This means there’s no setting up equipment or wondering if you’re doing the exercise right – we do it all for you! It involves low impact movements which provide a gentle alternative to traditional strength training programs, which is why the method has been heavily incorporated into rehabilitation practice. It also means it’s a little less daunting for individuals getting started on their fitness journey. There is no age limit or fitness requirements for clients getting started in our supervised classes. Having sessions where you are guided one on one are often the best way to get started, to ensure you’re practicing correct form and incorporating exercises to help you reach your goals.

Where does it target?

Strengthening the muscles of the back and core are key targets of Pilates training, but there are many other added benefits. Whatever your complaint, goal or focus area, we can target! Improved posture, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness have been linked to regular training. With the guidance of a trained Physiotherapist, a Pilates workout can be adjusted to fit your changing needs as you go and to target multiple muscle groups at a time. Ever had a Pilates glute burn? It’s like no other!

Why not go to a gym for Pilates?

Pilates involves a lot of small, refined movements that can often be performed incorrectly without proper guidance. In larger class sizes where supervision is limited, it is difficult to get the necessary one on one attention from a trainer. Additionally, it is important to practice Pilates with a health professional that knows you and your treatment history to help avoid worsening any injuries. It can be a bit tricky to get the hang of at the start, so at Thrive Physio Plus we run small, supervised classes with a maximum of four clients. This helps to ensure the correct form is practiced and that the right muscle groups are being targeted during the workout.

Is Pilates for me?

Truth is, there’s no one best way to get strong. That’s why we take the best parts of Pilates and put our own spin on the classes by incorporating functional strength and mobility work. At the end of the day, if you’re exercising and getting strong, you’re investing in your health and wellness and less likely to experience pain. Find something you like and enjoy and get consistent with it to reap the benefits!

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