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Do you feel that your shoulder exhibits any of these symptoms?

  • Catching Pain
  • Impingement with lifting
  • Unable to sleep on your shoulder
  • An ache from the top, to the outside of bicep area.
  • Feelings of instability or ‘looseness’
  • Unable to put weight through it, or do a bench press or push ups
  • Pain on throwing or swimming
  • Pain and aches at night

If you answered Yes to any of the symptoms listed, your shoulder is highly likely to be a great candidate for successful results with our highly skilled shoulder physios!


During your phone call with our shoulder physiotherapist, we will:
  • Get to understand YOUR shoulder problem.
  • We will be clear in telling you if we think we can help with your shoulder problem.
  • Develop a plan to get you on the path to a pain-free shoulder!

We can give you advice that will help you to fix:

  • Shoulder Bursitis & Shoulder Impingement
  • Rotator Cuff and Bicep Tendon Injuries
  • Shoulder Dislocations
  • Shoulder Muscle and AC Joint Strains

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Click HERE to check out our blog post about bursitis and why it might not be the cause of your shoulder pain.

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