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How long is a Physiotherapy consultation?

Initial consultations are 60 minutes and subsequent consultations are 30 minutes long, providing us with the time to discuss goals, perform a thorough assessment, treat and give you the advice/education necessary to get the best outcome possible.

What should I bring to my appointment?

  • Please wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing. You may be asked to remove items of clothing depending on the treatment area.
  • Relevant scans or reports from other health professionals. This won’t affect the way we assess or treat you, but will ensure we have all the information to get you where you need to be.
  • Private health card where applicable
  • Any relevant WorkCover or Motor Accident Commission documents or claim numbers.

How often will I need to come for treatment?

Treatment frequency depends on a number of factors including how acute and severe your symptoms are, your situation and lifestyle requirements, your needs and goals and your Physiotherapists recommendation.

Clinically, we find we get the best results in the best time by catching up frequently in the early stage of your treatment before spacing your appointments out further as your condition improves. For example, we prefer to see a client four times in 2 weeks rather than 4 times in 4 weeks because it allows us to make change quicker, build momentum, and provide you with all the necessary information in a short time frame to get you on the right track early. It also allows us to tweak things, progress or regress things and gauge the effectiveness of our interventions at more regular intervals.

Our recommendations for treatment frequency are all based on our clinical experience and healing times for certain conditions to allow you to get back to your physical best in the shortest time frame possible. As a ballpark, 10-12 sessions is usually enough to achieve a great outcome.

Can you fix [insert condition or problem]?

The answer is we can treat everything! The Thrive Physio Plus team has  collectively seen thousands of clients and have experience with a multitude of injuries and conditions. If we feel like your condition is something we are unable to help you with, we’ll be sure to refer you to someone we think can.

If you have anything extremely unusual or unheard of, or have any questions you want answered about a specific condition or injury before coming to your first consultation,  feel free to contact us and we’ll connect you with the appropriate Physiotherapist who can answer your questions for you.

Do I need a referral for Physio?

No. Physiotherapists are primary care practitioners. If you wish to attend via a Medicare Care Plan however, you will need to see a GP prior to your first visit. If you’re not familiar with this regime, give us a call at the clinic to discuss.

What do your exercise sessions involve?

All our exercise sessions are run by Physiotherapists highly trained in the area of exercise prescription.

For more information, hit the link below:

Physio-Supervised Exercise Classes

How are your exercise sessions different than going to a gym?

Think of it like a 1:1 treatment, with exercise! As all sessions are run by Physiotherapists:

  • We understand the human body.
  • We undertake a thorough assessment.
  • We have an extensive knowledge of musculoskeletal conditions
  • We know what your body needs and what it doesn’t need.
  • We know what your condition or ability will and won’t allow you to do.
  • We know where to strengthen or improve mobility for you and how to do it.
  • We know how to do this safely.

Why should I exercise? I have a physical job isn't that enough?

People who exercise regularly experience less pain. Plain and simple! The World Health Organisation guidelines for physical activity state that muscle-strengthening activities should be done involving major muscle groups on 2 or more days a week. Additionally, research now shows that people who undertake strength work twice per week get on average a 23% reduction in all causes of death and a 31% reduction in cancer mortality.

People who exercise also:

  • Have lower rates of depression
  • Are more likely to live longer with better quality of life into their older years
  • Are likely to have less risk of a hip or vertebral fracture
  • Exhibit a higher level of cardiorespiratory and muscular fitness
  • Are more likely to achieve weight maintenance, have a healthier body mass and composition.

The research also shows that exercise done indirectly, such as that completed by people in ‘physical occupations’ does not have the same benefits as deliberate exercise. Sorry, work doesn’t cut it!

What happens if I miss my appointment?

To ensure everyone has the opportunity to be seen when needed, we expect that in the case you are unable to attend a scheduled appointment, you call the practice and notify us as soon as possible.
If notice of less than twenty four (24) hours is given prior to the appointment, a cancellation fee equivalent to the full fee of the consultation/gym class will be charged.

Do you treat children?

Absolutely we do!

We do ask however that all children under the age of 16 are accompanied by an adult for the duration of the treatment session.

Is Physiotherapy painful?

Ultimately, you are in control. When hands on treatment techniques are being applied, your therapist will be sure to check in regularly to make sure things are comfortable. If at any point in time you’re feeling uncomfortable, just let your Physiotherapist know and they can adjust the pressure.

Most clients can feel some discomfort at points throughout their hands-on treatment, but refer to it as “good pain” that assists in providing immediate relief from your aches and pains

How do I choose a therapist that's right for me?

All of our Physiotherapists have undertaken extensive training beyond their university study in order to successfully decipher and yield great outcomes for the issues our clients bring us everyday. We are an extremely close knit team that learn from each other everyday. There’ll be differences in techniques and nuances of treatment, sure, but the great outcome at the end will be the same. To summarise, feel confident booking a session with anyone on our team – choose a Physiotherapist based on the time that’s convenient for you and their areas of expertise.

How can Thrive Physio Plus help me if I'm not in pain?

As Physiotherapists, we can do our best work when someone’s not in pain!

Think building resiliency, maximising potential, maximising longevity and future proofing your body. Why just exist when we can reach our physical best and thrive?

Be proactive, not reactive. Our bodies are in large part, under-utilised and underwhelmed in how they’re used in day to day life.  With little strength, mobility and movement given to us during the working week, and sporadic activity thrown throughout – injuries are easily encountered.

Through consistent and targeted strength and mobility, you can build the strong, robust body you deserve and address aches and pains before they occur.  We’re experts in doing this and help thousands annually to reach their physical best, remain injury free and live the life they strive for.

How long will my health fund cover last?

Every health fund policy is different depending on the fund and your level of cover. Unfortunately, as a service provider, we do not have access to that information and you’ll need to get in touch with your health fund.

Can you tell me when I'm going to run out of health-fund cover?

Unfortunately, as a service provider, we do not have access to that information. The only information we have access to is how much is being covered for the consultation that we process on the day.



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