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Avoid the dreaded runners injury merry-go-round!

🤔Does this sound familiar? 

🤕You experience an injury. No worries, it’s just a niggle right? You try to push through for a few weeks before the pain gets worse during and after exercise, leading you to eventually decide to take a little break to let things settle. 

😭You start with a few shorter runs, and things feel good! You ramp up to the same distance and intensity you were doing pre-injury, only for that exact same injury to happen again. Repeat cycle! 

😨We see this year round, but with more people out pounding the pavement than ever, we’re seeing it a LOT! 

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🥳Here’s our top 4 tips for breaking the cycle: 

📊 1) Load management:
  • Most injuries are a result of overload or overuse.
  • If we’re not allowing things to settle and we’re continuing to overload them with training, they don’t get better no matter what treatment you’re implementing.
  • This doesn’t always mean doing nothing! Think cross-training, lower intensity runs, shorter runs, flat terrain etc. 
🏋️‍♀️ 2) Commit to a solid period of rehab:
  • If your body isn’t coping at your current run volume, it needs more strength or a longer period to adjust.
  • Put your ego to the side – yes you may be strong, but for what you’re asking of your body you need to be stronger!
  • 6-8 weeks at a minimum is what’s needed to get significant and noticeable change.
  • A few weeks of exercise doesn’t mean you’ve tried rehab. Think of injury as an opportunity to be better next time.

A stronger runner = a better, less injury prone runner. 


Check out our top 3 exercises that every runner should be doing

🧐3) Think back 3-6 weeks pre-injury.
  • What were you doing 3-6 weeks prior to the onset of your pain? More KM’s? Speedwork? More trails?
  • There is almost always a change in the stress you’re exposing your body to in the 3-6 weeks leading up to an injury.
  • Find out what it was, and increase more gradually the next time around. 
💯 4) Stop wasting time with static stretching, release guns and other things that only provide a very short term benefit, and spend that time in the gym instead. 


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Package includes:

  • 1 Hour detailed initial Assessment with an expert running physio. (Normally $125)
  • Treadmill running analysis.
    • Identify areas of improvement to your running performance (Normally $59)
  • Strength assessment using a handheld dynamometer (fancy word for muscle testing machine).
    • You’ll get hard data and discover if you have the strength your body needs to train the way YOU want (Normally $49).
  • Personalised home rehab program to get you back to 100% and improve your performance.

If you’d like to talk to one of our expert running physios, don’t hesitate to call the clinic on 8490 0777 🙂

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