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Do you feel STAGNANT in your current role, with no room for growth and no pathways to progress? 

Are you not REWARDED for the value you bring to your clients and the business? 

Are you looking for more MENTORSHIP, professional development and time learning from experienced clinicians and the ownership team? 

Thrive Physio Plus are looking for a physiotherapist to join our close knit team 

Why we are the employer of choice for allied health professionals: 

  • Highly competitive and well above award remuneration package with the POTENTIAL TO EARN $100k+ (FTE) in 2-3 years. We’ll discuss a structured 5-year financial progression pathway in which we clearly outline the goal posts to reach your income goals.
  • The best measure of a good culture is one where turnover is minimal. Join a culture of driven and fun loving physiotherapists in a stable team where we retain staff members for the long haul. We have regular social events and team catch ups and are an extremely close-knit team
  • A structured induction to ensure you develop the clinical and the soft skills to be successful in private practice and feel confident treating everything that comes through the door. We will mentor you closely with weekly meetings and professional development to ensure you continue to grow and learn. This includes weekly 1:1 mentoring sessions, as well as monthly exercise prescription training with the team and monthly case study sessions. You’ll have access to company directors and senior physiotherapists as part of our open door policy. 
  • Quarterly ‘desire statement’ sessions to ensure you’re reaching personal goals relating to your well-being, as well as your career. 
  • We’re serious about creating a fulfilling career and maximising your potential. Whether you’re striving to maximise your earnings, obtain a great work life balance, spend time working on a side hustle or something else, we can help get you there. 
  • We have strong affiliations with the local community, providing the opportunity to treat a wide range of conditions including the athletic population.
  • You will have access to state-of-the-art Pilates equipment and gym facilities in a modern and fresh treatment setting with everything you need to treat and rehabilitate clients appropriately.
  • We love to have fun!


  • This will be a challenge – all growth comes from going outside your comfort zone.
  • We have more to offer than the average clinic because we DO MORE than the average clinic.
  • We’re looking for someone who wants to build something special over the next 3-5 years.

The successful candidate must possess the following attributes:

  • Incredibly passionate about helping people move well and feel great.
  • A great communicator with a love of people
  • Willing to work hard and assist in networking to continually develop our brand
  • Passionate about exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Upbeat and outgoing, with a positive attitude
  • Relentless in your pursuit of excellence and willing to push beyond your comfort zone.
  • Constantly seeking to grow yourself, personally and professionally, and willing to invest time behind the scenes to communicate better, learn more, and deliver exceptional client results.
  • Receptive to constructive feedback in order to become the best you can be.
  • A keenness to work in a high-performance but fun-loving environment.
  • Ready and willing to start when mutually agreeable.
  • Looking for a rewarding position to build a long lasting career.

You will be responsible for:

  1. Consulting and liaising with clients to help them reach their physical goals.
  2. Maintaining prompt, detailed and up-to-date treatment notes.
  3. Communicating with our referral network via written and face-to-face means.
  4. Working closely with our existing admin and Physiotherapists to ensure a happy, cohesive work environment.
  5. Investing time in your communication skills and physiotherapy knowledge, with our help – you get out what you put in
  6. Keeping your knowledge base and skills up to date with current research evidence
  7. Participating in marketing activities to attract and retain our valued clients, including involvement in regular video filming for our Facebook and Instagram pages, and development and writing of blog content.
  8. Contributing to an environment of high performance to help everyone be their best.

You will also be excited about building something of significance and influence, passionate about developing deep relationships with patients and contributing to a culture of fun, excitement and community! Our clinic is fresh and our approach is modern – you will be a part of a team that is more ‘family’ than ‘staff’, and our ethos is progressive, caring and energising.

New graduates are more than welcome to apply.

We look forward to hearing from you!



About you

You’re a highly trained, experienced women’s health therapist who works autonomously with no direct clinical supervision necessary and has experience across a wide breadth of women’s health conditions and presentations. You have a love of helping people and working amongst people who drive you to be better. You may have a loyal following of clients already, or have a keen interest in building a caseload in conjunction with our marketing efforts, high existing demand from our client base, cross-referrals from our existing team members, and extensive support from our owners.  

The role

  • You will be the solo women’s health practitioner within the clinic. As such, we’re looking for someone experienced who doesn’t require clinical mentoring in women’s health-related conditions. Mentoring for non-women’s health conditions will be provided, including soft skills and communication training. We’re an exceptionally busy clinic, with 8 physiotherapists and 1 remedial massage therapist and we run upwards of 40 exercise sessions per week, including for pre and post-natal women. We don’t envision it being difficult to fill a caseload for the right person. 
  • The hours required for this role are anywhere from 15 hours to 20 hours with a start as soon as possible in 2024. From mid-2024, there is the potential to increase hours if mutually agreeable for a period of 6 months whilst a team member is on leave, prior to those hours returning to their original quantity. No evening or Saturday work is required. 
  • You will treat a mix of private musculoskeletal clients
  • Appointment lengths may be customised to your needs (both initial and follow-up consultations) and level of experience, with a preference for 60-minute initials and 30-minute follow-ups. 
  • Our preferred candidates will have 3+ years in private practice
  • Your level of experience will determine your salary package
  • Annual salary package will range from full-time equivalent, $85,000 to $130,000 plus superannuation, including your base salary plus all bonuses and entitlements (based on experience and qualifications)
  • Your salary package includes a bonus/commission structure that allows you to take home an extra $20000-$40000 per year in performance-based bonuses
  • You will have access to a PD budget, internal formal and informal clinic mentoring, and world-class external paid mentors the clinic engages.
  • We have a highly skilled admin team to assist you at all levels of your role, including with client retention.

We are seeking a women’s health physiotherapists who:

  • Wants to reinvigorate themselves in a profession-leading clinic, with an exceptional client base, supportive and fun-loving team, and a remuneration and training package that is unrivalled. 
  • Has experience working in a busy private practice and is confident treating many types of women’s health presentations including but not limited to chronic pelvic pain, urinary incontinence, prolapse, bowel control, abdominal separation, sexual dysfunction, mastitis, and post-natal checks amongst others. 
  • Is strongly committed to excellence in private practice
  • Enjoys being in a busy, stimulating clinical environment
  • Values working alongside a high-performing team in a fun environment where team culture is our highest priority.
  • Wants to harness the learning opportunities that working in an experienced team provides – in particular, bettering your soft skills and communication and utilising optimal rebooking protocols to improve your outcomes amongst other things 
  • Desires personal growth and mentoring from our leadership team and owners 
  • Are truly team players and have demonstrated abilities when it comes to being part of a team and working collaboratively with our therapists 

About the clinic

Thrive Physio Plus is an industry-leading boutique clinic with a bustling team of 15 in the suburb of Highgate. We’re an exceptionally busy clinic considering our inception in 2018, with a large, well-established and diverse client base and strong links in the community. Simply, we aim to deliver exceptional client experiences from the waiting room through to the treatment room. 

For our clients, our vision is to help people live pain-free, fulfilling lives, doing things they never thought possible. For our team, it’s to help them provide fulfilling careers, where they feel supported, rewarded, and appreciated whilst working autonomously.

Comprising a team of 8 physios, remedial massage therapy, pilates, and exercise we service clients with complex needs who form strong bonds with their therapists over long periods and require expert care and high levels of customer service and collaborative treatment.

Our induction program is the industry’s best – one that has been finely tuned over the last 5 years – and guarantees you success in your role, with access to our ownership and leadership team regularly and often. We have formal and informal clinical and nonclinical mentoring.

Our clinicians most love the warm, supportive culture, one where everyone is striving to learn and improve. We have a purpose-built rehab gym, a dedicated leadership team to assist with your growth, development, and challenges, and mentoring pathways to help you achieve excellence. Importantly, we have year-on-year salary progressions, ensuring you never feel ‘stuck’ or at the ceiling with no room for growth financially. 

We utilise the latest practice management software and technology to make your job easier and more rewarding but also to aid you in taking your performance to the next level. We’ve invested heavily in our systems and technology these last 24 months to make our team members’ work lives easier and better.

What next?

We welcome the opportunity to meet you and lead you through a professional process to not only determine your fit for Thrive Physio Plus, but also whether we are the right clinic for you and the next stage in your private practice physiotherapy career.

Please send your application through to

Applicants without AHPRA registration will not be considered for this role.

Preference will be given to those who apply for this role as soon as possible, and we will interview you as soon as your application comes through – so apply ASAP to give yourself the best chance to secure what could be your dream job!

last updated March 2023

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