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About Us

Welcome to Thrive Physio Plus.

We know there are health professionals everywhere, and because of this we think it’s important to tell you why hundreds of local Adelaidians trust us with their bodies each week.

In short, we help people get pain free, move better and discover a newfound confidence that comes with having a strong, resilient body. We see the people we help as more like family than clients, and aim to form life long bonds in our community to help people reach their goals and become the best version of themselves. Through accurate assessment and diagnosis, and our knowledge and guidance, you’ll be listened to, empowered, and taken on a journey to build a body you can count on. 

How do we do this?

Underpinning our exceptional client outcomes is the incorporation of hands-on therapy and manual techniques, paired with client education, communication and exercise. Hands on techniques are a great way of providing a short window of pain relief to get you feeling better in the interim, whilst exercise and education (explaining your condition, it’s prognosis, why it happened, how long it’ll take to get better, how we’re going to help you and what you can do to help yourself) can extend that short period of pain relief into long-lasting, life-changing outcomes and improvement in quality of life.

We go above and beyond: 

Pain is complicated and impacted by factors other than muscle, bone and tissue. These include stress, lack of sleep, fear of movement, pessimism about your prognosis, family or financial pressure, missing out on the activities that bring you joy and the things other health professionals might have told you, just to name a few. These factors amongst others are research proven to worsen pain. We’ll aim to provide you with the insight and knowledge as to how these factors may be contributing to your pain and answer any questions so you feel in control, well informed, and aware of what your treatment journey looks like.

We’ve assisted thousands to make the journey from painful, to pain-free and beyond, and welcome hundreds through our doors to exercise each week to be the best physical version of themselves.

Life’s too short to be in pain, or to be limited in what you do. Take control today and build a body you can count on.

We care for people and our drive to get great outcomes for our clients keeps us motivated and hungry to assist every client in reaching their goal.

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