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Why Thrive Physio Plus?

Through thousands of hours of development, our approach offers a personalised, outcome driven framework that gets you past your pain, moving freely and confidently and feeling great.

How it Works

We Listen & Understand

A treatment plan that yields a great outcome starts with active listening from your therapist and a collaborative discussion. We’re here to listen and want you to give us all the information relating to your condition, how it's affecting your life and what it is you want to achieve through Physiotherapy.

Personalised Get Out of Pain Plan

A comprehensive, tailored treatment plan that is specific, measurable and achievable. This includes a diagnosis, what will help and hinder you, an estimated recovery time and recommended products to speed up your recovery. Basically, a step by step guide to reaching physical best at Thrive Physio Plus.

Measured Progress

We take the guesswork out of your treatment journey, through measured progress along the way with problem specific questionnaires and other means. No ‘are you’ or ‘aren’t you’ getting better. We can tell you, and by how much.

Be Beyond Better

We aim to not just get you past pain and back doing all you love, but feeling and moving great with a new-found confidence in your body. Don't just be better, be your best. Build longevity and a body you can rely on.

Skilled therapists that understand your needs

We’re committed to delivering exceptional treatments and getting great outcomes, and are passionate about enabling people to live the lives they want.

Stefanie Aworth

B. Physiotherapy, APAM

Matt Slade

B. Physiotherapy, APAM

Giancarlo Sossi

B. Physiotherapy, APAM

Luke Finlay

B. Physiotherapy, APAM

Nicole Hogan

Client Experience Officer

Lizzie Rogers

Admin Team

Lauren DeTullio

Admin Team

What We Do

60 minute Exploration Session

This session forms the basis for all that we do, ensuring we get all the information required to identify the root cause of your problem. Together, we collaborate to set short and long term goals to get the outcome you’re striving for.

Accurate Diagnosis

The cause of your pain identified and explained on your first visit. We’re honest, open, and aim to explain every step of the assessment process and the treatment plan we plan to implement.

Treatment That Works

No time wasted with treatment techniques that aren’t helpful in getting a great outcome. Our team keeps up to date with the latest research to ensure you’re receiving the best treatment possible, each and every time.

We Genuinely Care

We care for people and our drive for outcome-based healthcare keeps us motivated and hungry to assist every client in reaching their goal. We’re in this profession to help people, and we genuinely care about getting great outcomes for our clients.

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